Basement Redo

  Use “Dry-Loc” to paint walls and floors Improve or replace lighting Upgrade windows Add game tables and comfortable seating …… Maybe a television !!!

Give your kitchen a new look

  Try some easy updates: Paint/clean cabinets Install new cabinet knobs Install under-cabinet lighting Paint the backsplash Replace countertop stools

Staying Safe around Heaters

ADVICE: Keep any flammable items, including  draperies and bedding at least three feet from heater equipment such as space heaters, wood burning stoves and furnaces. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on each level of the house. Have your home’s heating cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional once a year at a minimum. Never burn wrapping paper or treated wood. It can release toxic fumes. Store cooled ashes outside in a well-sealed metal container 10 feet or more from the house.

Better Energy Efficiency Need Not Be Expensive

Lock down/seal windows Cover window air conditioners Make sure fireplace chimney damper is closed Put weatherstripping around exterior doors Insulate attic and cellar gap areas Setback the thermostat for evening hours Insulate hot water pipes Place insulating foam pad in back of electric outlets Change incandescent lights to LED bulbs

Home Security

Install deadbolt locks. Put a pipe or metal bar in the bottom track of a sliding door. Keep attached garage doors closed. Don’t hide spare keys. Give one to a neighbor or friend. Use a safety deposit box for items of value.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Paint or stain your exterior…remember not to paint wood (stain it). Keep the grass cut and trim the bushes . Routinely weed your flower beds and gardens.