Home Safety Tips

Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and garage Clean out your clothes dryer vent regularly Install lights in hallways and stairways Tighten loose handrails Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Metal Roofs

  Metal roofs are energy efficient because they reflect heat up and away from the building. These roofs are sustainable, durable and provide enhanced curb appeal.

Updating Bathrooms

 New shower curtain, towels and soft rug to make it appealing. New shower head. Paint walls and vanity. A towel warmer is a “lux” addition and easy…just plug it in  

Cost-effective Renovations

Paint kitchen cabinets Change light fixtures New cabinet knobs and pulls Add a decorative element like the mirror shown in the above photo

Boosting Curb Appeal

Paint front door Upgrade lights  (black shows up well) Large house numbers Planters or flower boxes    

Basement Redo

  Use “Dry-Loc” to paint walls and floors Improve or replace lighting Upgrade windows Add game tables and comfortable seating …… Maybe a television !!!

Give your kitchen a new look

  Try some easy updates: Paint/clean cabinets Install new cabinet knobs Install under-cabinet lighting Paint the backsplash Replace countertop stools

Staying Safe around Heaters

ADVICE: Keep any flammable items, including  draperies and bedding at least three feet from heater equipment such as space heaters, wood burning stoves and furnaces. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on each level of the house. Have your home’s heating cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional once a year at a minimum. Never burn wrapping paper or treated wood. It can release toxic fumes. Store cooled ashes outside in a well-sealed metal container 10 feet or more from the house.