Boost Your Curb Appeal

Paint or stain your exterior…remember not to paint wood (stain it). Keep the grass cut and trim the bushes . Routinely weed your flower beds and gardens.

Seven Winning Tips for Buyers

Make a cash offer if you are able to do so. If you need financing, get pre-approval. Waive as many continginces as possible. Don’t let yourself get emotional and jepordize your best judgment. Trust your real estate agent’s advice. Be flexible in your determining your needs. Needs are different than wants. Make your best offer rather that be a bottom feeder!

Consider Upgrading Appliances Before Selling

You might want to consider making your home more attractive to a buyer and increase the asking price. Buyer don’t want to to spend their money on upgrades.  Older appliance are often inefficienct. More and more people are switching over to heat pumps for lower heating and cooling costs 50 percent according to ABC network.

Power Through Your Clean-up List With a Pressure Washer

  Clean patio furniture:  Has your deck or patio furniture built up pollen or grime this summer? Forget the scrub brush, soapy water and elbow grease. Make quick work of cleaning wood and metal furniture with a pressure washer. Just don’t spray too close. See that the washer tip is held afew feet away… otherwise it can strip the paint or other finishes. Banish weeds and dead plants: If you have deep rooted weeds or dead grass entrenched between pavestones, slate tiles, or concrete cracks in your yard or on your patio. Don’t bust a knee bending down to pull… Read More

Summer Maintenance

Power wash the outside of your home. Heat and humidity can cause mold to grow on your home’s exterior. Inspect your deck for rotten boards that need replacement. Also check if the deck need to be restained. Do not “paint.” It will peel off. Upgrade old windows and doors. Replace/repair damaged screens. Check the sealant around the indoor and outdoor windows with vinegar,water and lint-free cloths. Check your roof and the home’s exterior and make repairs. Add new additions to your garden. Prune flowers, bushes and trees. Consider adding mulch for a clean appearance and to reduce weeds. Check hoses… Read More

Improvements that say “Updated”)

Move in ready houses and condos bring top dollar Hardwoof flooring which is cleaner than wall-to-wall carpet Builtin bookcases are good gor display and storage Warmer pallettes like beige, cream and green