Home Purchase & Education Go Hand in Hand

For many families, schools are an essential consideration when searching for a new home. However, most property searches only offer property related criteria such as price, beds, baths, and square feet. As such, locating properties that meet the criteria for your family and your child’s education can be challenging, especially when you are less familiar with an area. For this very reason, this website provides you with the ability to incorporate school ratings directly into your property search as a primary criteria.  Additionally, you’ll have access to detailed information and statistics on local schools and neighborhoods on every listing detail… Read More

How to Track Your Home’s Value

Buying a home is generally the single largest purchase that we make in our lifetimes and most of us are interested in not only the value of our properties, but also the general value of like properties in our neighborhoods. Whether you have just moved into a new home or have lived there for years, tracking the market value of your property is essential for any informed homeowner. This website’s property search provides an excellent platform to track property values and market trends in your area.  In this post, you will learn strategies for tracking the value of your home… Read More

Become an Expert on New Homes Hitting the Market

Knowledge is power and early knowledge can offer you a powerful advantage, especially in tight real estate markets. Those who find properties first gain an edge by being the first have a chance to see new properties and thus the first to make offers. More often than not, this first to market knowledge pays off. This post will review how you can leverage the property search on this website to quickly access the newest properties on the market and how to setup email alerts when new properties match your criteria. It’s important to first point out that this website offers… Read More

Spring Home Improvements: Repair, Replace, Enjoy!

With memories of snow and cold fading (especially here in Maine), it’s time for home owners to take stock of important work to be done for themselves and potential buyers down the road. Keeping on track with seasonal maintenance will lower costs and raise property value. Besides cleaning closets, planting flowers and cool-weather vegetables, spring should involve scrutinizing the condition of your house following the rough winter that we just had. Repairs and replacements won’t just help you enjoy your home more; they’ll also keep energy costs down as hot weather rolls in and attract more buyers – many of… Read More

Avoid Common Blunders that Sellers Make

  To make sure that response is positive, avoid these six toxic, cosmetic blunders. Bold paint choices – Neutralize, neutralize, neutralize to increase your buyer pool. You may love forest green or deep purple walls, but there’s a good chance your buyers won’t. Give buyers a clean slate and a sense that your home is move-in ready for them, by going with a fresh coat of neutral paint. Clutter – Piles of “stuff” are visually distracting from what you’re trying to sell. Sell, discard, give away or pack away unnecessary items. Keep what remains looking neat and tidy. Poorly maintained… Read More

Easter Sunday… A Day to Mentally “Clean House!”

The Christian celebration of Easter Sunday… with it’s family get-together dinners and childrens’ hyperactivities are all wondeful ocassions to refresh shared family values and harvest another year of building “family memories.” For many it will be a recommitment to they religious faith and their need for spiritual guidance – as the long-awaited spring actually seems to have arrived. But I find that as I grow older, I additionally need to reflect on my personal inner spiritual health… not so much in a “religious way” but in terms of adjusting my compass for take me closer to achieving the goals that I would like to make… Read More

The Best of Maine Wilderness Experiences!

    Why am I writing this blog? Well, I have personally experienced Kevin and Polly’s “wilderness excursions” and it was perhaps one of the most memorable, most introspectively-satisfying and mind-relaxing interludes… I have done in a long time! We all have “roots” and we all long for “wings”… wings to carry us to the essence of who we truly are – or want to be. I guarantee you that doing a wilderness trip with Kevin or Polly will adjust your lifestyle focus to be more “meaningful.” It’s worth far more than an expensive visit to a psychiatrist! Mahoosuc Guide… Read More

A Better Definition of “Time.”

  There are a lot of parables and axioms to live by that are passed on to us by people who acquired wisdom. Although they may seem trite and hackneyed, they probably would not endure unless they were truisms. How often have you heard it said, “If you have your health, you have everything?” I suspect that this saying is very true. Woe be to those who are in pain or distress. I once saw a symbolic painting by a Japanese artist showing a horizon line across the middle of his painting.  The first item setting on the horizon was… Read More

The Maine “Accent” and Maine Humor

I had some trepidation about commenting on this sensitive subject because Mainers (themselves) don’t find their accent “funny” or their “ways” peculiar.  They are proud of their “Yankee savvy and practicality.” They talk the way their parents  and neighbors talked… when they were growing up. I suppose the same is true of Southerners who speak with a languishing drawl. It’s really not hard to talk like a Mainer after you master the ubiquitous “Ay-yup.” This often-mimicked expression of old-time Mainers is a conversational response word to declare “I understand what you’re saying” or as a suffix sound at the end of… Read More

Maine Beach Walking 101

Maine has lots of wonderfully pristine beaches! One of my favorites is at Reid State Park in Georgetown – a 30 minute drive off Route 1 after you cross the new Bath Bridge, if you are driving northbound. Not only is this a popular summertime sunbathing and swimming beach (although a little too cold for me who is now into the senior years), it’s open year-round and it’s a great exhilarating walk on any day of the year – especially, if you need to “sort things out” or just refresh your soul. Walking the beach with someone special is always… Read More